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Healthy Brain Pancakes

Aren't pancakes just the best? They are one of my favourite comfort foods. Did you also know they make a nutritious, quick, brain power breakfast for the whole family? The great thing about pancakes is that they can hide away the most fantastic, brain nourishing nutrients, in a beautiful pillow of syrupy comfort.

This breakfast was designed for my son to have on school days. Aside from the extra protein from the eggs and almond meal, this recipe has added MCT oil. This helps fuel the brain with ketones for the morning without the energy slump mid morning that you normally get from a high carbohydrate breakfast. The protein in the eggs, almond meal and hydrolyzed collagen powder (oh yes, it's tasteless, the kids will never know!) helps set up an optimal neurotransmitter balance to enable focus and concentration across the morning. This is when children are often doing their most intensive academic work like maths and literacy. It's such an important time of the day to have your brain switched on and functioning in a calm, optimised state.

I hope you enjoy these any morning (not just the weekend!)


Use a blender (if using an all-in-one machine, melt the butter first). Add liquid ingredients and blend until combined. Add dry ingredients and blend until thick and fluffy like cake mixture.

Into a frypan (on low heat) add a little melted butter or coconut oil. Drop spoonfuls of mixture into the pan (they are easier to flip if you keep them small). Cook until bubbles start to rise, then flip and cook the other side. Be careful, as almond meal mixtures can burn easily! Keep the heat low.

Serve pancakes with melted butter and a little maple syrup or honey. Yum!

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