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Healthy Hormones in a Modern World

Lawrey Calabro
Meet Lawrey Calabro


Lawrey Calabro is a degree qualified Naturopath, practicing via Telehealth and in East Doncaster.   She has well over 18 years of clinical experience (in Private Practice, The Lucy Rose Clinic and Remed Natural Medicine) and has post graduate clinical training in the Naturopathic Endocrinology.  


Referred to as "The Hormone Expert" by her colleagues and personal trainer collaborators, Lawrey understands how hormones can have a powerful effect on your health and body composition. Lawrey has a down-to-earth attitude and her calming persona will put you immediately at ease, as she listens to your health conundrums, then expertly guides you through your healing journey with the use of herbal medicine, nutritional and lifestyle intervention.  Lawrey loves to help with weight loss, especially if thyroid function and hormones are wrecking havoc on your metabolism and your emotions! 

Healthy Supplements, Recipes & Tips 

Follow my blog for the latest in health, wellness advice and nourishing food in Eastern Melbourne.  Follow my own healing journey as I navigate healing diets and optimize my brain power with nurition.

Hormone Expert, Naturopath and AutoImmune Specialty


Click here to book consultations on line.  Lawrey is available in person at the Doncaster East clinic or via Skype for those interstate or overseas.  

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